Monday, June 16, 2014

a REAL family photo

You know what my family really looks like?


And its great! I had Mark take this picture this morning. Its Monday. I had just finished working out, Mark had just mowed the lawn (that's what you do when you travel on the weekends). Jane was already in her soccer gear ready to kick the ball around the backyard, Siri thankfully can dress herself pretty well, and Ruby was in jammies (until 3pm mind you).  I love coordinating colors and 'getting ready' so we all look nice for a family picture, but this is more realistic.  Although the porch is a little drab wouldn't you say? The paint is grey, the frames of the door/windows are black, and the inner door is dark brown. Thus, the family picture to enter the sweepstakes that is giving away a new front door ;)  Yes, I had him take a pic just for that. Here's to hoping we win!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

9 years, a road trip, and charts

9 years and loving it. Happy Anniversary to us! Do you ever wonder how it is possible that you found the exact right perfect match for you? There are so many people on this earth that I thank Heavenly Father often for planting Mark and I where he did. I'm in love with him and the family we've made.
We know we love each other, and are in love, but sometimes its hard to take time to just be in love. So we left the girls (first time leaving all 3-thank you Jenn Liz Mom!) and took a road trip to Jackson and Yellowstone. We talked and hiked and ate and drove and talked and swam and took a ton of pictures and were just with each other. It was a really perfect trip.

stopped at the Spiral Jetty and Idaho Falls temple on the way

taking in the wafting curry. mmm...curry

Jackson lake

hiking around Jenny lake

best onion rings we've had-Liberty burger

morning face bike ride along the elk refuge

Lewis falls in Yellowstone

We stayed at the Old Faithful Inn. 
This is waiting on the deck to wait for the geyser to erupt.

Hi Mrs.Bison and baby Bison

Sometimes we needed a break

Lots of trails were closed for bears. 
A black bear moseyed across the road in front of us and we also saw a big grizzly from afar.

Dear baker at Persephone bakery in Jackson, 
that was genius to pair strawberry and basil together in this pastry.

Planting the garden

Proud of this one!  She is already missing school. 
Looking forward to new adventures as she starts Kindergarten in the fall.

Lunch date at the park

I am blessed to have a neighbor who leaves things like this for me on the fence.
Lettuces and herbs!

She wanted to nap outside. 
I didn't think she'd actually fall asleep since I was right next to her mowing the lawn!  Her dentist is strongly encouraging Jane and us parents to help her quit sucking her fingers. She has to fill up 3 charts and she can go back to the dentist for a prize. I've also offered her rewards and so far she's doing great! It would be so hard to have your comfort right there and not use it. Proud of her. Siri wanted to earn a prize too so she's filling up a chart for making her bed everyday. We are new to chore charts, I've meant to start them many times before this, but I'm glad they are excited about it. If you have any awesome chore charts or methods you've used please share!

Friday, April 18, 2014

crickets chirping

You hear that? Yes, that silence? That's the sound of me not updating our blog for the last while. I'm awesome at not blogging.

But today I was reminded that this blog exists and and update is in order.

As Ruby napped this afternoon, I was outside pulling weeds, chatting with my neighbor while she worked in her yard. We talked about Easter, I asked her what she did with her kids when they were young. She showed me her 'Resurrection eggs'. Hers were homemade, and done 15+ years ago, but the same idea as that link. I loved it. I think I'll make a set of my own.

Mark has been traveling a bit more lately. It a funny thing when he is gone, I am more patient with the girls. Its a blessing really. We've had a lot of fun together today*. Before breakfast we went out for a jog. I'm glad Siri loves to bike so I can put the other two in the stroller. It was such a nice morning, all breezy and warm. My favorite was playing at the park after a fun Easter egg hunt at a friend's. Siri could hardly run away from me when I was chasing her because she said she was "full of the giggles". I love it when that happens to her. Ruby roamed, gnawing on wood chips, wearing holes in her jeans. They all hugged me (aka they piled on top of me, including Ruby).
*Lots of poopy diapers, dirty dishes, and coaxing to eat vegetables between all that fun


We went to St.George a couple times. It is awesome having a place to stay, thank you Milt and Sandy!

I had a birthday.

Jane especially loves to help me cook. Siri and I had her Kindergarten orientation a couple weeks ago. She is incredibly excited to go to a "big school". I'm so thankful for the preschool she is at now and how much she has developed socially.  Ruby is growing up. Done with bottles and formula, but she still looooves to suck her thumb and snuggle and burp cloth.  She was toothless until two weeks ago and now they are coming in with a fury. 3 have come through and I can see 2 more on the way.

I'd love to be a health coach, or something like that, someday. I'm currently reading Salt, Sugar, Fat. Very interesting. Did you know American Heart Association recommends a daily intake of 6t. (24grams) of sugar for females and 9t. for males?  That may be 'added' sugars, I'm not sure. Since there is naturally 12g of sugar in cow's milk, 5g in a serving of carrots. But in one yoplait original lemon burst yogurt-31, yes, thirty one, grams of sugar. 1g in a serving of Cherrios :), Hostess Ho Ho 42g, Newman's Own and Bertolli tomato sauce 12g. In the book it talks about having kids come in to test the 'bliss point' of pudding, so that companies know exactly how much sugar kids will love the most.
I love sugar, everyone does. Its biological, especially in kids who need lots of energy and quick! I love to bake, I love when a neighbor drops off goodies.  But we can't be having it in every single thing we eat. It seriously saddens me to see people not knowing, and worse, not caring, about what they eat.

I've had a goal to do a pull up this year. Still can't do a pull up, but can do a chin up. Progress.

It's harder to take a family selfie now that there are 5 of us.

St.George childrens musuem. Sam is my 4th child.

Skiing at Deer Valley for my birthday!

I have good friends

Her Christmas gift from Grandma Carol was a shopping date. They went last week, Jane was in heaven!

Conference coloring

I told Siri to pick anything she wanted out of a Lion House cookbook to make over Conference weekend.
It was supposed to have 5 layers, but 3 was still great. Too sweet, but fun to make!

Jane's foot. Typical snaggle nail/polish, but usually her feet are dirty too.

Siri hand. There is dirt under those nails, her hair a mess, she loves that dress she has on. She's a cool girl.

Bright little legs haven't seen the sun in months.

She means business

Seeing Frozen at the dollar movie for cousin Kate's bday. 

At the Wairhouse for a fun spring break party with friends from the gym.